• AA Creative Corridor

    January 29th & 30th

    Friday 6pm to 10pm (VIP 5pm) & Saturday 5pm to 10pm (VIP 4pm)

  • Lights and Caves

    Two Day Festival

    With 14 Bands from R&B to Country to Rock

  • Art

    4 Venues with Art

    Photographs, Paintings, Metal Sculptures & More

  • Ice Sculpting

    Live Ice Sculpting

    Friday from 5pm to 7pm

Art & Craft BeerFest

The 2016 Art & Craft BeerFest will be held on Friday, January 29th from 6pm to 10pm (5pm for VIP) and Saturday, January 30th from 5pm to 10pm (4pm for VIP). The Festival will be kicked off with a ceremonial firkin tapping on January 30th at 6pm.

Art & Craft BeerFest is an indoor art, beer and music festival where you can go back and forth between four venues. All venues are located on the same block, just a short walk from one another.

This year we are transitioning from three venues to four to be able to incorporate more art, more beer, and more music. The four venues that will host Art & Craft BeerFest are The Cadillac Room (Inside Riverview Church), Robin Theatre, AA Creative Corridor & REO Town Pub which all are located on same block in REO Town, Lansing.

The beauty of this event is that when you purchase one ticket, it gives you access to all four venues. Each venue will have different art, bands, beer, wine and cider. The art will range from photography to metal sculptures to paintings. New this year, there will be live ice sculpting on Friday from 5pm to 7pm.  On top of a great variety of art, there will also be a wide range of music such as country, classic rock, R&B and more.

Much like last year's festival, we’ll be featuring beers from only Right Brain Brewing Company in Traverse City. We'll have 20+ beers from Right Brain Brewing Co. and have several rare beers such as Mangalitsa Pig Porter, Imperial CEO, North Shore Iron Works and many more. Don't worry if you don’t like beer. To please all of the non beer drinkers, there will be Blake's Hard Cider with their 4 mainstay ciders plus 10 seasonal and rare selections. This year will also feature a variety of Michigan wines.   

With any festival good food is a must, we have some great food vendors for you. Good Truckin' Diner, Saddleback BBQ, Michigan Donut Company  & Detroit Frankie's Wood Fired Brick Oven will all be featuring their tastiest dishes. There will be options for meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike.


Ticket Info

With a purchase of a ticket, gets you access to: Cadillac Room (Inside Riverview Church), AA Creative Corridor, Robib Theatre & REO Town Pub. All are located on the same block in REO Town and each venue will have different Art, Beer & Music. You can go back and forth to venues but your glass must be empty before going to the next venue. 

Advanced Tickets: $30 (Save $5)

Logo Sampling Glass, 10 Sampling Tickets - 3oz each

VIP Tickets: $40 

Early Entry Fri at 5pm or Sat at 4pm, Logo Sampling Glass, 15 Sampling Tickets - 3oz each

Tickets at Gate: $35 

Logo Sampling Glass, 10 Sampling Tickets – 3oz each

Designated Driver Tickets: $10 

Purchased at the gate and gets you entry into the festival

*Check in and purchasing day of tickets will be at The Cadillac Room (Inside Riverview Church)

Right Brain Brewery

Art & Craft BeerFest will feature 20+ Right Brain Brewery Beers over the two day festival. There will be a few mainstay beers but most will be seasonal and rare beers.

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Blake's Hard Cider

Over the two days festival there will be 14 different ciders offered from Blake's Hard Cider and the breakdown is 4 mainstay ciders plus 10+ seasonal and rare ciders.

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Proceeds Benefit REO Town Commercial Association

The REO Town Commercial Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit established in 2001 by a group of business owners and neighborhood residents to promote cultural and commercial development in REO Town. Originally home to the R.E. Olds Motor Company, today REO Town is known for its vibrant arts scene and is home to a dynamic and diverse community of restaurants, retail shops, and professional services. We are a thriving community where people meet to create, experience, and share art, food, and culture.

Festival Venues

This year there are four venues all on same block on Washington Avenue.

  • The Robin Theatre

    The Robin Theatre

    Over the last decade, REO Town has been undergoing a renaissance of culture and enterprise, and there excited to be a part of that. They believe that Lansing deserves beautiful spaces for artists to display their work, and for audiences to partake in arts and culture. The Robin Theatre was founded with the goal of providing a safe, beautiful and artist-friendly venue for local and regional performing artists, and to help foster a sense that Lansing is indeed home to a rich and vibrant arts community. Their facilities include a stage, full sound system, lighting, seating for 99 persons, restrooms, and more.
  • The Cadillac Room

    The Cadillac Room

    The Cadillac Room is a beautiful 4,500 sqft multi-use space settled in downtown REO Town minutes from Downtown Lansing. With beautifully restored bowling alley lanes full of history, adorned by contemporary garage doors, a full art gallery and an open floor plan, The Cadillac Room offers a hip, unique, and comfortable environment for event!
  • AA Creative Corridor

    AA Creative Corridor

    AA Creative Corridor is located in the heart of REO Town at 1133 South Washington Ave. As the name implies the space is a long, double brick walled corridor. Originally an outdoor alleyway; with the original graphic advertisements still visible on the chiseled, brick walls, AA Creative Corridor is a walk through time. This urban 1100 square foot space is perfect for a multitude of activities. Three years of investments into this space as Art Alley has left it the perfect place to showcase wall art and 3D art. It is often sought after as a unique venue space. This space also may be rented hourly as a photography/creative share studio space. As a photographer at Ariniko Artistry she has always dreamed of having a space that she could share with other photographers who desired studio space as an asset to their businesses.
  • REO Town Pub

    REO Town Pub

    The REO Town Pub is located in the heart of REO Town and recently just finished a remodel of the bar and added more taps. The pub features a great atmosphere, 19 taps, friendly staff and affordable prices on craft beer, liquor and your favorite domestics. Don’t forget every Wed. night is Steak Night!

Festival Sponsors

Right Brain Brewery
Blake's Hard Cider
I'm a Beer Hound
REO Town Pub
Greater Lansing CVB
Family Life Financial Services Inc.
Henderson Glass
Midtown Brewing Co.