Short Films

A lineup of short films featuring hand selected films by Michael McCallum and also some of his award-winning films from his company, Rebel Pictures.

Rebal Pictures

5pm Block - Lucky Jay Season 1 trailer, Handlebar trailer, Shotgun Wedding, Wake, Eskimo Brothers, Small Town Fireworks

Shotgun Wedding

Melissa is pregnant and pushing Carmine down the aisle to get hitched before she gives birth. Award-winning Filmmaker/Director/Writer/Actor/Editor Michael McCallum was invited to direct the production workshop for the Grand Rapids Film Festival the last two years (2013 and 2014). The workshop took place over a four day period with only 1, 12 hour shooting day to capture the 7 page script. McCallum then did a Director's Cut of the film with editor Andrew Tebeau! This is the result of that project. 

Kelly and Meg are humoring their father, Richard, who believes he's dying, when he isn't. Wake is The second time Filmmaker/Actor Michael McCallum was asked to direct the Grand Rapids Film Festival's Production Workshop. Each year they put on a four day workshop to show any volunteers and attendees what it's like to make a film.

Eskimo Brothers
Four married couples are out for a night of drinking and catching up. The husbands try to get their single friend to talk to a girl at the bar and realize throughout the evening that they have all been with her before.

Small Town Fireworks
Small Town Fireworks is a comedy about Allen and Allie. A couple on the rocks. In one day of their relationship they run into ex-boyfriend after ex-boyfriend of Allie's. 

6pm Block - State Of Modern Love trailer, Message Sent trailer, Rotation, Low End, Shadows
The Rotation
Waking up handcuffed and confined to a chair in a large empty room, Matthew discovers more about his life, his loves, and his future than he'd ever imagined.

Low End
Eva, a 10-year-old girl, recently lost her hearing in a car accident that claimed the life of her father, and left a scar on her mother's face. While struggling to cope with her new challenge, Eva is left alone in the apartment she shares with her mother. Bringing the audience into Eva's internal (and silent) world, LOW END is a thriller that takes a dark turn as a strange man breaks into the apartment while Eva is left there alone, terrorizing her.
Shadows: Filmed in one take and lit using only natural lighting, SHADOWS was conceived initially for Takeaway Scenes (@TakeawayScenes) by Geoffrey Young Haney, Joseph Scott Anthony, and Dustin Wilfert.
7pm Block - Ed's Whale Trailer, Officially Limited, From Flint: Voices Of a Poisoned City
Officially Limited 
A documentary about screen print movie posters and pop culture art prints. Officially Licensed + Limited Edition = Officially Limited the movie.

From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City
A documentary that tells the story of the Flint Water Crisis from the perspectives of those who have experienced this tragedy first hand and from activists on the ground working through grass-root organizations to make a difference. While the national news media has been covering this event through the governmental point of view, From Flint takes you inside the city to uncover this incident first hand.
8pm Block - Chasing the Star trailer, Buffalo trailer, Flickering Blue, Wintry Spring, Watch This

Flickering Blue
A reclusive old man turns off his TV and ventures out on a walk through the city in hopes of reconnecting with people. Starring James Karen. Directed by Harper Philbin
Wintry Spring
Nour, is a schoolgirl that lives alone with her father, goes through a crisis on the arrival of her puberty and cannot tell her dad and the father didn’t understand the changes that occurred in her life, which results in tension between them.

Watch This
Clifford, a retired bus drives unable to mourn his wife becomes reclusive. He spends all his time watching TV. Unable to care for himself, Clifford's forty-two year old daughter Maylin takes over the duty of caretaker. Their already tumultuous relationship explodes when the television breaks, leaving Clifford alone to deal with something he hasn't in years: the outside world
9pm Block - Accidental Excorcist trailer, Two For The Show trailer, Take A Penny, Poor Little Witch Girl, Slow Burn, Foreword
Take a Penny
Nick is dealing with old love, new love and the end of a year that saw nine friends pass away. He finds out about a site that can determine the age you'll be when you'll die. The weeks are represented by pennies, but Nick finds out that time is much more than just pennies in a jar.

Poor Litte Witch Girl
Poor Little Witch Girl is the first component in a transmedia narrative experience. Jack Bishop, a down on his luck private detective, takes what should be an easy case. Track down a stolen family heirloom and return it to his well paying client. The Creators of this narrative strongly suggest further investigation at

Slow Burn
Slow Burn is a hard-hitting drama about a young girl, who's being forced into prostitution by two local wannabe thugs, so they can pay off debts that they owe. Her sister, a struggling waitress is pursued by a shady cop that won't take no for an answer. The girls set up the cop against the thugs so they can try and leave town.
A famous author is struggling to finish his next novel and discovers a postcard he has mailed to himself from the future warning of an upcoming danger. This film was made by Rebel Pictures and an incredible cast & crew for the 48/5 Detroit Film Project. 7-14 through 7-16 2017.