Short Films

A lineup of short films featuring hand selected films by Michael McCallum and also some of his award-winning films from his company, Rebel Pictures.

Rebal Pictures

Block 1:

Uplifting Drama’ - Watch This, Arti, Last Right. (48 mins.)

Block 2:

 ‘Documentary’- Fine Point, Boober, Voices From a Poisoned City, Period: End Of Sentence. (1 hr., 12 mins.)

Block 3: 

‘Mixed Bag’- Blank, Desiderium, Sticky Fingers, Deadbolt. (44 mins.)

Block 4: 

Darker Drama/Sci-Fi/Horror’- Low Road, Pretorius, Foreword, License and Registration. (40 mins.) 

Block 5:

 ‘Comedy’- Therapeutic Thievery, Oh Masago, Shotgun Wedding, Beware Johnny Law, Total Apocalypse Of the Heart, Small Town Fireworks. (1 hr.)